File Cupboards in Sri lanka

Our perfect setup of lockable cupboards ideally compensates for long hours spent at work. Checkout the cupboards drawers that are ideally suited for corporate environment where regular and lengthy sitting is imperative. Filling cupboard that are stylish in appearance, exude the corporate culture just at a glance. Teak Office cupboard can be a great addition to your office space. They make anything compatible as long as a space is reserved for them You can ideally save time looking for paperwork. Folder storage and lockable storage units and cabinets keep it all under control, with files and folders of different sizes and styles to match your storage cupboard. Catered especially for safety and compactness, our filing Cabinets are lockable, so you keep your old love letters and fancy pens safe. Designed and developed with quality and safety in mind, they have a 1-year guarantee. Please feel free to choose the colors of your choice, either Teak or Cherry that would be most suited for the ambience of your location. Sanding 6.6’ feet tall and 1.3’ in width, we bet this is your ideal storage option to meticulously save space while offering a touch of class.

Sky Storage

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