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TV Stands come in different sizes, colours and price ranges. Make sure to look through all TV Stands before you decide to buy one. Browse through our huge collection of TV Stands and revamp your living space.

Vintage White

Browse Similar  26,000 Rs24,000

Panther Boxer

Browse Similar  37,000 Rs35,500

Vintage Panther

Browse Similar  35,000 Rs33,500

Sky Panther

Browse Similar  35,000 Rs31,500

Geometric Tv Stand

Browse Similar   Rs22,500

Boxer 5 Tv stand

Browse Similar  27,000 Rs26,000

Boxer 6ft Tv Stand

Browse Similar  29,000 Rs28,000

Corral Tv stand

Browse Similar  26,000 Rs25,500

Panther Tv Stand

Browse Similar  33,000 Rs31,000

Boxer Vintage

Browse Similar  29,000 Rs27,500

Night Shade Tv Stand

Browse Similar  33,000 Rs29,500

Black Forrest Tv Stand

Browse Similar  31,000 Rs31,500

Boxer Black Tv Stand

Browse Similar  32,000 Rs28,000

TV Unit & TV Stands Online to Enhance the Beauty of Your Living Area

At the end of the day, everyone gathers around the television to watch a movie or a show. As a result, an entertainment unit is becoming one of the most important pieces of furniture in your house. as well as it is the second most visible piece of furniture. As a result, selecting a TV stand that not only fulfills the purpose but is also visually pleasing is essential.
You may create an entertainment area in your living room by positioning the TV unit in the center, against the wall however the ideal TV unit design will improve the ambience of the living room while also providing display and storage space
As with the rise of technology, the design and shapes of TV sets have developed, as does the design of TV units. A sleek and attractive TV cabinet not only displays your tv but also improves the appearance of your living area. You may choose a TV cabinet design that is strong and stable. With Neelsons, you can choose from a variety of TV units, ranging from TV units with bookshelves to wall-mounted TV unit designs.
There are several TV unit designs for various types of design available online, including closed, open, and wall mounted TV unit designs. For living rooms with blank white walls, a wide TV cabinet covering the wall would really improve the appearance of your living room.

Selecting from Different Wooden TV Units at Neelsons

The passionately created hardwood TV cabinets at Neelsons testify of the craftsmen's outstanding artistic talents. The TV unit furniture is a perfect combination of aesthetic elegance and remarkable utility. Melamine, dark brown, natural melamine, oak, nut brown, coffee, walnut, mahogany wood, and other beautiful finishes are available for the various wooden TV stands. These TV cabinets are available in engineered wood and particle board finishes. The timbers utilized to create these units are of excellent quality, ensuring their longevity and sturdiness.

How to Select an LED TV Stand or TV Furniture for Your Living Room

  • Until you have plenty of space in the living room, TV units should be small. This LED tv stand should be designed in a way that is compatible with the rest of the living room's furniture.
  • Always keep the size of the TV in mind; it should fit your TV console. It is not a problem if you have an LED TV, but if you have a CRT TV, be sure the area where the TV will be placed is deep enough.
  • These days, most TVs are accompanied with speakers and other counterparts; your wooden Tv furniture will serve you well if it can accommodate all of these. Just be sure to hide all of the wires to avoid a cluttered appearance.
  • LED TV stands are more than simply a place to put your TV; if you have antiques to display on, you can also use it as a wonderful display cabinet. You can also use your favorite photo frames or sculptures to add to the richness.
  • If you need to hide a few messes, the cupboards in the TV stand are a good option, but don't overuse it.